How-To: Indoor Hunt Prep

Hunting season – for some, is the most wonderful time of the year. Far more than the thrill of the chase, hunts carry deep significance ranging from harvested food to cultivated memories. While there are large amounts of time and attention spent on physical hunt prep (what to pack) or hunter’s education/licensure, marksmanship training specifically […]


As inflation continues to eat away at our money, and the world at our time, the ability to train with your firearm extensively or regularly has become more goal than reality for most. Going to the range less frequently and firing fewer rounds when you do go have become a necessary sacrifice for many shooters. […]

Solving Shooting Problems Before They Start 

Make no mistake, shooting is difficult. Since the invention of gun powder mankind has been on a constant progression towards proficiency with projectile weapons. What we’re going to do is shave some of that curve and help you build confidence, allowing you to enjoy the outcome faster.  Let’s start with picking the right tool. Is […]

Welcome to the Gun Ownership Family

Whether you’ve just purchased your first handgun or you’ve been carrying concealed for years, we have courses designed for all skill levels.

Unload, Show Clear

Three Gun, USPSA, IDPA, Steel challenge, Bullseye, Single Action Shooting Society a.k.a. Cowboy Action. All very different competitions yet all share one common set of commands. When the shooter stops the Range Safety Officer will say: “If Finished, unload, show clear.” After the shooter follows this command the Range Safety Officer will say: “If Clear, […]

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