The Rise of Women in Firearms

Firearms are fascinating on many levels. One of them is that they are the great equalizer. You can take someone who is physically smaller objectively and put them up against someone who is larger, and if the smaller of the two also has a firearm, the equation changes quickly. People worldwide see a firearm and […]

How To Get Involved In Youth Shooting Sports

Despite what popular culture might tell you, youth shooting sports are alive and well in the United States. Arguably our national pastime, competitive shooting is an excellent way to introduce our nation’s youth to not only safe handling but healthy sportsmanship, self-discipline, and character in the face of adversity. There are a number of great […]

Significant Women in Firearms History

The American West We begin our journey through history with one of the most formative times in American history, the settlement of the Western half of this nation. Through that tumultuous history, women played vital roles. Often, those roles meant rearing children, cooking, sewing, and cleaning. A select few women, however, were true mavericks. The […]

Solving Shooting Problems Before They Start 

Make no mistake, shooting is difficult. Since the invention of gun powder mankind has been on a constant progression towards proficiency with projectile weapons. What we’re going to do is shave some of that curve and help you build confidence, allowing you to enjoy the outcome faster.  Let’s start with picking the right tool. Is […]

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