Shotguns are an oft-misunderstood weapon. They are pervasive in the competitionworld, from trap & skeet to 3-gun action matches. Waterfowlers swear by them. Even inan age of pistol-caliber carbines, and rifle caliber pistols, they remain a staple ofAmerican home defense wisdom. Despite this, shotguns also remain shrouded inlegend and lore – often attributed near-magical powers, […]

How-To: Indoor Hunt Prep

Hunting season – for some, is the most wonderful time of the year. Far more than the thrill of the chase, hunts carry deep significance ranging from harvested food to cultivated memories. While there are large amounts of time and attention spent on physical hunt prep (what to pack) or hunter’s education/licensure, marksmanship training specifically […]

Collectible or Used Firearms, the Which and the Why

The parallels between anything collectible designed to be used are almost universally true. When it comes to cars, watches, knives, and sunglasses, all of these things have basic tenants that hold with firearms as well. Due to the nature of firearms being more regulated and, by design, weapons, a few differences also set them apart. […]

How To Pack A Range Bag

Packing your range bag is like packing your suitcase for a trip. You need to strike a balance between having everything you could possibly want and having a bag that’s still portable and of reasonable weight. So how do you achieve a balance? Whether you spend the money on a high-end dedicated range bag or […]


As inflation continues to eat away at our money, and the world at our time, the ability to train with your firearm extensively or regularly has become more goal than reality for most. Going to the range less frequently and firing fewer rounds when you do go have become a necessary sacrifice for many shooters. […]

Try Before You Buy

As someone who might be unfamiliar with firearms, the process can seem daunting. Brands, calibers, sizes, capacities, and relevant features go on seemingly endlessly.  Buying a firearm isn’t as easy as buying one that fits in your hand the best and going home with it.  A useful approach to the decision-making process is to look […]

Significant Women in Firearms History

The American West We begin our journey through history with one of the most formative times in American history, the settlement of the Western half of this nation. Through that tumultuous history, women played vital roles. Often, those roles meant rearing children, cooking, sewing, and cleaning. A select few women, however, were true mavericks. The […]

Solving Shooting Problems Before They Start 

Make no mistake, shooting is difficult. Since the invention of gun powder mankind has been on a constant progression towards proficiency with projectile weapons. What we’re going to do is shave some of that curve and help you build confidence, allowing you to enjoy the outcome faster.  Let’s start with picking the right tool. Is […]


There are fewer parts of the shooting experience more personalized than the trigger press. Understanding the differences in triggers will help you find the right one for your use and firearm platform. Everyone has their preferences on what an “ideal” trigger feels like – a metric that is inherently subjective and difficult to quantify. For […]

Home Defense for the Family Unit

We have already discussed home defense planning in a previous article but, when you start adding family members to the mix of violent encounters, things become exponentially more complicated. Which is why having a plan not just for yourself, but for everyone in your household, is vital to ensuring the best possible outcome for all […]

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