Collectible Firearms, What Makes Them?

Like purchasing a vehicle, purchasing a used firearm can be a complex web of details and data. This is even more so when it comes to the intricacies of buying with the intent of keeping a firearm as a collectible too, hopefully, appreciate in value over time. There are rarely surefire bets on what will […]

The Rise of Women in Firearms

Firearms are fascinating on many levels. One of them is that they are the great equalizer. You can take someone who is physically smaller objectively and put them up against someone who is larger, and if the smaller of the two also has a firearm, the equation changes quickly. People worldwide see a firearm and […]

How To Get Involved In Youth Shooting Sports

Despite what popular culture might tell you, youth shooting sports are alive and well in the United States. Arguably our national pastime, competitive shooting is an excellent way to introduce our nation’s youth to not only safe handling but healthy sportsmanship, self-discipline, and character in the face of adversity. There are a number of great […]

Time to Change Up Your Event

As we approach the time of year when many become reflective about the prior 365 days, a consistent change has occurred since 2020. Beforehand, company holiday parties were large affairs with alcohol, excess, and shenanigans. For better or worse, the events of 2020 changed that, and it may never come back. We also saw a […]

What’s the Best Self-Defense Tool?

When people talk about “self-defense tools” they are almost always talking abouta weapon or use-of-force device: guns, knives, pepper spray, stun guns, and so on. Butthere’s one defensive implement that is easier to carry, and arguably more useful, thanany of the aforementioned items. Flashlights are not just for finding your keys orchecking for change in […]

A Perfect “Range” of Gift Ideas

As the temperatures cool further and our stomachs settle down after a sumptuous Thanksgiving meal, many are steeling themselves for the coming holiday shopping season. Ensuring smiles on Christmas morning is no easy feat, especially for those with discerning tastes in firearms. What’s to follow are guidelines and specific gift ideas that will be a […]


Shotguns are an oft-misunderstood weapon. They are pervasive in the competitionworld, from trap & skeet to 3-gun action matches. Waterfowlers swear by them. Even inan age of pistol-caliber carbines, and rifle caliber pistols, they remain a staple ofAmerican home defense wisdom. Despite this, shotguns also remain shrouded inlegend and lore – often attributed near-magical powers, […]

How-To: Indoor Hunt Prep

Hunting season – for some, is the most wonderful time of the year. Far more than the thrill of the chase, hunts carry deep significance ranging from harvested food to cultivated memories. While there are large amounts of time and attention spent on physical hunt prep (what to pack) or hunter’s education/licensure, marksmanship training specifically […]

Collectible or Used Firearms, the Which and the Why

The parallels between anything collectible designed to be used are almost universally true. When it comes to cars, watches, knives, and sunglasses, all of these things have basic tenants that hold with firearms as well. Due to the nature of firearms being more regulated and, by design, weapons, a few differences also set them apart. […]

How To Pack A Range Bag

Packing your range bag is like packing your suitcase for a trip. You need to strike a balance between having everything you could possibly want and having a bag that’s still portable and of reasonable weight. So how do you achieve a balance? Whether you spend the money on a high-end dedicated range bag or […]

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